"As they sit in the waiting room in Forest Hills,
The patients of Dr. Norman Sadowsky are pleased,
That whatever their optometric ills,
He's prescribed the right remedy, and with ease.

It was twenty years ago that Dr. Norm
Displayed the 'new shingle in town.'
With talent and skills he began to perform
Eye services of repute and reknown.

His first patient, David, came soon after Penn State,
It was truly an eye opening affair,
For how, on the Shabbos, could Dave pay the rate?
Future son-in-law said 'don't despair.'

And through the years with Erica, Jeff and Nikki,
Dr. Norman's had a great career.
Some cases were easy, while others were tricky,
May he continue to treat us each year."
~ Sandy M. Haft

A note from the owner:

We have been touted as 'the little office that could'. My father, Dr. Norman Sadowsky, opened up this practice in 1958 when he was just 22 years old. He hung up a shingle and prayed for patients. As fate and luck would have it, his first patient ended up becoming his father-in-law! 

We are a family owned and run practice and employ only staff who share our love of people and helping them.

-Dr. Monique Mezei

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